Your Choice of Two Sizes

The Le Grand Pillowette

Measures 21” long x 14” wide x 5” in height and is available in three weights – regular, medium, and firm. It may be used by itself, or on top of your favorite sleeping pillow. It is intended for true side sleepers who start out on their side and clench the end of the pillow.

The Difference is in Trademark Shape

  • Le Grand Pillow

  • Before
  • La Petite Pillow

  • Before
  1. Top Appendage Supports your forehead & Lower Supports neck & jaw (chin).
  2. Crescent Suspends your Face
  3. Offers gentle Neck Support


  • I just received another pillow for my birthday. This time it was the Le Grand cotton pillow (Just the pillow) I love that size. My face fits perfectly in it. I can use it for my neck while I am just resting. I used to bring my pillow to hotels before covid. I always bring it camping. I never go overnight without my Le Grand "Save My Face!"® Pillow.
  • I own three La Petite Cotton pillows. I keep one at my home in Pittsburgh, one at our home in Florida and I keep one for travel.  I’ve actually gotten to the point where I’m so addicted to it that I have a very difficult time sleeping without it...
  • I am a side sleeper and my initial interest years ago in your pillows was to avoid wrinkles on either side of my nose-based upon my side sleeping, scrunching the skin from my chubby cheeks and creating a deep, unattractive wrinkle...
  • I love, love, love the smaller "Save My Face!"® Pillow. I am only 4’11 and have a very small neck space, which has gotten even smaller due to a hard lump the width of my neck that is causing my cervical spine to press on my Spinal Cord...
  • I love my two "Save My Face!"® Pillows. I have had them for a long time and they are holding up beautifully. I wash them lightly and dry gently. I have them both, the La Petite and the Le Grand which works very well together for a complete relaxing sleep. I highly recommend them.
  • I have been searching for pillows for years. Mostly, admittedly, for my neck. I’ve tried every kind of foam-molded structure and high-tech stuffing, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the "Save My Face!"® Pillow that I found my Ultimate Solution...
  • My mother and I love our La Petites because they are so versatile. I bend & fold mine behind and around my neck, depending on what feels best at any given time.  My mother often wants hers under her arm for support while in her recliner.
  • I have both the Le Grand and La Petite pillows. I love, love, love the Le Grand size pillow. It's perfect! I like being able to easily wash the pillowcase by itself, and it dries so quickly. Gave a few to my daughter as well.
  • I love my La Petite "Save My Face!"® Pillow and the silk pillowcase. As soon as I place my head on the pillow I relax and am asleep in minutes. It's so supportive and relaxing. I would not want to be without it at bedtime. I just love it!

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