Authorized v. Unauthorized

Two Different Types of Sellers

Our goal is to provide you with the best "Save My Face" Pillows for your health and well-being.  We want to make sure you receive the top products.  Be aware of where you can safely purchase our products and where you should not. 

What does this mean for me?

ALL Authorized Sellers are found on our Store Locator and on our Home Page as a Featured Professional of the Month.

What is Diversion? 

Diversion is when an Unauthorized Seller “diverts” the purchase of the item away from an “Authorized” Seller to themselves. 

Why is this a Risk to the Buyer?
  • Diverted products are flawed and may contain harmful ingredients within or on the product causing them the be unfit to use.  
  • Bedding typically cannot be re-sold by a Third Party as it is a Personal item. 
  • Used if only for one night, it may pick up any or a combination of Hair, Skin Flakes, Saliva, Bed Bugs, Lice, Oil from Skin & Hair, Perspiration, Cigarette Smoke, Cologne, Animal Hairs, and other personal “leave-behinds.” 

Fraudulent / Diverted Products 

ANY “Save My Face!”® Pillow or Accessory PRODUCT MADE by an Unauthorized Manufacturer puts you at risk as the perpetrator has no true investment of their Care, Money, Due Diligence or Responsibility. Some fraudulent products are by Complete and Mindless Recklessness and when caught they are sorry, stop and pay Retributions to “Save My Face!”® Pillow. Save My Face, Inc. has a legal team that will bring the highest penalties against the continuation of Infringement or Re-sold “Save My Face!”® Pillows or Accessories. Some items when re-sold will not have the Law Label attached. Please alert Save My Face, Inc. at or call 1-877-786-9322.

Save My Face, Inc. Commitment to a Quality, Clean, and ALL NEW Product. 

Following is a list of Credentials Save My Face, Inc. maintains: 

The “Save My Face!”® Pillow holds Bureau of  License Number MFG-161338. 

The “Save My Face!”® Pillow holds US Trademark Registration Number 2597624.   

“Save My Face!”® Pillow holds FDA Registration a PDAC approved holding HCPCS Code/s E0190.

“Save My Face!”® Pillow holds other Registered Marks and may be disclosed upon request.