• I own three La Petite Cotton pillows. I keep one at my home in Pittsburgh, one at our home in Florida and I keep one for travel.  I’ve actually gotten to the point where I’m so addicted to it that I have a very difficult time sleeping without it.

    I first purchased this pillow years ago for the purpose of attempting to stave off the inevitable wrinkles that come from years of sleeping on my side and I can confidently say that it worked!  I have very few facial wrinkles at all and I am 51 now.

    I don’t know if anyone has ever mentioned the unexpected benefit I experienced using my "Save My Face!"® Pillow.  I have chronic sinus issues and seasonal allergies. I realized that while laying on my side on my pillow, the shape of it allows my sinuses to stay “open” as opposed to a regular pillow that puts pressure on them and essentially closes them which effects my breathing.  This additional benefit makes my pillow even more essential to my nightly routine.
    Thank you for making the "Save My Face!"® Pillow!  I love it!
  • I am a side sleeper and my initial interest years ago in your pillows was to avoid wrinkles on either side of my nose-based upon my side sleeping, scrunching the skin from my chubby cheeks and creating a deep, unattractive wrinkle. I tried numerous other pillows and nothing compared to the “suspension” of the "Save My Face!"® Pillows. AND I love the size because I can carry it comfortably in my luggage with me whenever I travel. 
    I have purchased three Le Grand pillows over the years and have recommended it to numerous women.  In fact, a friend of mine bought over 20 pillows two years ago for every member of her family for their Christmas presents based upon my endorsement.
  • I love, love, love the smaller "Save My Face!"® Pillow. I am only 4’11 and have a very small neck space, which has gotten even smaller due to a hard lump the width of my neck that is causing my cervical spine to press on my Spinal Cord, as a result of an accident. I was hit by a tractor trailer in 2015. I was on my way home from Harrisburg, heading back to Bucks County. It is a 4 hour commute round trip. It was a rainy dark November night. I was in the right lane and going only 45 miles an hour and the spray from the truck in front of me was blinding me. I went in the left lane to pass and as I got along side of the truck, the back of the trailer drifted into my lane striking the back passenger side. I was bounced off the cement divider on route 78 and into the truck 4 times, throwing my head against the window and then swing the other way. The truck kept going and my car landed horizontal in the middle of two lanes of highway. I had no lights, the engine went off and I could see truck lights heading toward me. Long story short I worked to get my Subaru started and got off to the side. I have received Epidural shots since in my Cervical spine twice a month.
    When I go to bed at night I need my little La Petite to fill my sore neck space. It gives me unbelievable comfort, just to know that when I lay down my little La Petite is there to give me the support I need to relax.. I have tried down pillows, and foam shaped pillows. None of them gave me the comfort that my little pillow does. I have purchased several and wear out my pillowcases, even though I wash them by hand and hang them to dry.

    My other bonus is a line free face! When I finally go to sleep, I remember my Mom who started me on the "Save My Face!"® Pillow. I am a side sleeper and slide my head just so to save me from wrinkles! I turned 65 in August and got carded today buying a bottle of wine, thank you for keeping my face young. I literally have no wrinkles except my frowny lines. Your pillow is a secret gift to all woman and I do my best to share the secret when people ask me why my skin is so smooth. I tell them it is my "Save My Face!"® Pillow!
  • I have been searching for pillows for years. Mostly, admittedly, for my neck. I’ve tried every kind of foam-molded structure and high-tech stuffing, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the "Save My Face!"® Pillow that I found my Ultimate Solution. It was recommended to me by an aesthetician (of course) and I’ve loved it ever since. My SMF journey began with a single La Petite pillow.  Then I took my aestheticians approach, by progressing up to the Le Grand.  These are mostly designed to sit atop a regular pillow, but these days I just fold my Le Grand in half and it is the perfect height for my neck, and the perfect shape for my face. 

    Now, can I truly say that the SMF pillow actually prevents wrinkles?  Who knows, but it definitely relieves the “squishing” phenomenon that comes with every other pillow. In years past, I would always wrestle and manipulate my pillows into that basic crescent shape in order to: A. Keep my airways free & B. Stop my face from being smushed into that wrinkled state we're all subjected to with regular pillows.  I do, however, get unprompted compliments on my skin and youthful appearance - yay! 
    I went through a period of buying up petite pillows to give away as gifts to my friends. I don’t know if that was such a good idea, as the first response upon unwrapping the gift was a complaint that I was suggesting they were looking old and needed help!  But then, a year later, they would tell me they have used, and love, the pillow.  So, you know, not such a bad idea after all.
    Basically, my recommendation is to buy one, give it a try. You will not regret it!