The Original “Save My Face!”® anti-wrinkle pillowette is celebrating twelve years! Many of you have been with us all this time! Thank you as you have been instrumental in helping us benchmark our product with great results! Our Patented USA Made Save My Face!”® Pillows last 4-6 years! We started out with 8 products and now have over 70 products!

The media has loved Save My Face from the beginning and we have been invited on over 60 major television shows, magazines and radio talk shows and health care events! As a thanks you to all of our current and future loyal customer / friends, our newly designed website has been structured around You and how to give You gifts of happiness with ease and excellence! We have incorporated tiered pricing so that when you order more, you save. You will have your choice of free samples of skin care and other nifty items. Free shipping will be available on select items. My favorite is our Rewards Program that will be in place shortly. Stay Tuned as we reward you for liking us on FaceBook, and meeting us at events that we will announce on Twitter and Linda’s Blog. Our newest product that has become my favorite is our $19.99 “Just the Pillow” in softest 100% cotton!