• Beauty Experts Worldwide Agree!

    Posted on Mar 27, 2017

    Keep your eyes and ears open as “Save My Face!” Pillows are making an impression; or rather diminishing “Pillow Impressions on your face” world wide!  Take a look! the-art-of-ageing-gracefully Are you Aging in Your Sleep? Your not supposed to! See how you can get True Beauty Sleep and be A Smart Shopper too! 

  • Highlighting our International Distributors!

    Posted on Mar 17, 2017

    Exclusively Made for Save My Face Denmark! Purchase your Organic Pillows; the Pillow Body is Wrapped in 100% Organic Cotton! Oh So Soft! 

  • A Riddle for a Free Pillow!

    Posted on Mar 16, 2017

    How is it that I have just had my first Brazillian Blow Out even though I’ve been getting them for the past 3 years?First to call us with the correct answer wins a Free Pillow! 1 877 786 9322Excluding those who I have told!   Within the Continental USA only.

  • Floss with gloves on?

    Posted on Mar 14, 2017

    So with the combination of water and that thin Flossing String running over my nails I would get nail damage. So now I use Cotton Gloves (not so easy to find anymore) to floss and my nails are happy again! Try it!!  

  • Morning Work Outs are best for me!

    Posted on Mar 13, 2017

    Did I mention that he leaves for work at 5:45am?  So, I took him to work and figured that I would go to the Gym on my way home. Whoo Hoo! I am still going! Maybe not at 5:45am but 6:30 is working out great! No more feeling like a failure at 5:00pm every day […]