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Posted on Apr 05, 2012

Welcome everyone to our new website and to my Blog. Over the years I have spoken with many of you about the Save My Face Pillows and how you are enjoying and using them. Some of you have expressed that you would like more color choices while others have been content with our Patented shape that really does suspend your face like it claims to! In my Blog I am going to talk about everything from how to make your invention into and actual product to how to lose 40 pounds like I just did and keep it off. Many of you know that I used to be a Ballet, Vegas, and Broadway (touring company of CATS) dancer. I grew up in Hollywood with parents that were in the Industry. When I was 15 I received a full summer scholarship to American Ballet Theatre in New York and my parents wished me well and put me on a plane to fulfill my dreams. My life has been filled with excitement and hard work and of course adventure ever since! In addition to being a professional dancer / singer, I received my Certification and License as a Massage Therapist. My heart is very much swayed towards helping people with ailments and I am very good if I can say at Therapeutic Deep Tissue Neuromuscular Massage. Well, there’s much to talk about! One of the benefits of Save My Face remaining as a small company is that I am at the office most of the time and answer the phones . . . wow! I enjoy getting to know you and discussing how you are enjoying and using the pillows. We will have an amazing time sharing how to live, work play, create and even pray! So stay tuned as we get to know, support and encourage each other in the easy and the challenging times! Linda

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